How to remove a Hot Tub with out cutting

How to remove a Hot Tub with out cutting it ?
The first step is to be sure that electric is not running to the hot tub anymore. Next remove the decorative wood attached to the exterior surrounding the hot tub you can do this by using a sledge hammer and beating the hell out of the hot tub. Now you will need to remove any water that is still inside the hot tub, what you need to do now is break any of the pvc pipes underneath the hot tub until water starts gushing out. Next remove the water pump and the electric panel attached to the bottom or side of the hot tub. When you remove this you will be taking weight off the hot tub when your ready to remove it you will notice it will be easier. Now you will need another person to lift it and put it on its side , the hot tub should be ready to get rolled out now. Roll it out and load it to a flat bed trailer or put it on the back of an extended truck bed. The last step is to take it to the local landfill and dispose of it. If you cant do it yourself then call the us we remove hot tubs of any color , size , and location for only $250.00

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