The Junk Guys Picking up a ah big old Satellite in San Antonio TX $150


Jacob and Rodrigo some of Junk Guys San Antonio Fine crew, arrived at a costumers house that had a huge satellite. The costumer originally had called to get rid of a few rugs that she had and wanted to get rid off. recommended by a friend of hers she called the best men for the job,The junk guys all ready and pumped to pick up your junk. When Jacob and Rodrigo arrived at her house she showed them were all her old rugs where that she wanted to get rid off there was about five of them in a matter of minutes they got rid of all the rugs put them in the back of there yellow trailer. She thanked them, And were ready to go when the costumer asked do you know any one that could get rid of that old big satellite up on the roof. I am desperate to get rid of it cant find any one that will do it she was in luck the junk guys will remove any satellite for you. She couldn’t believe her luck. Jacob and Rodrigo with there expertise of removing any sort of junk, removed the old large satellite in no time! Another happy junk guys costumer.


210-853-2299  /  830-500-5757



















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