Junk Guys San Antonio Hot tube removal $250

Me , Shane and Josuel went to a beautiful house the costumers had just moved into, in San Antonio Texas. they had a very used up ugly hot tube they wanted to get rid off. the hot tube was huge and nasty had mold and dark water, who knows how long it has been there they hired us to move the hot tube we get there and start doing what we do best pick up junk!!! being professionals we knew exactly how to start we got rid of all the water with a bucket once the hot tube was light enough to pick up we flipped it got the rest of the water out and broke the hot tube down with ease put everything in the back of the trailer no problem. the costumer was extremely happy and impressed with the job and the low price for such a big job, and she was specially happy with how much more beautiful her house looked without the old dirty hot tube there. she will definitely be giving us another call with all her junk removal needs!!


JunkGuys San Antonio Junk Removal & Trash Pickup


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